Stonebridge Golf Club in Monroe, NC

2721 Swilcan Burns Drive Monroe, NC 28112 (32 miles, 40 minutes from Charlotte) Date: Wednesday, May 6th, 2020 Time: 7:18am Price: $35 (Golf Now Hot Deal)

Course Overview

Stonebridge Golf Club is known for its quality playing conditions with its scenic views. It’s located in Monroe and is surrounded by a residential development. However, there are very few homes that will come into play. We played on Wednesday morning, after a lot of rain the night before, so it was cart path only and balls weren’t rolling out too much. Unlike some of the other courses in the area, Stonebridge is relatively flat and there were no issues being cart path only. The course has a nice and fun layout, with some good scoring opportunities. The front 9 is fairly straight forward, but there are water hazards on mostly every hole on the back. Personally, we like the back 9 better as it was more challenging and requires accuracy on your shots. The course itself was in great condition. Tee boxes to green, the grass was grown in and seemed like mid-season form.  The greens were rolling great and quick, especially after all the rain. The tee boxes and fairways were in better shape than most of the courses we have seen so far this year. Overall, the conditions are top notch.  Stonebridge is not overly challenging, but more of a traditional golf course. The fairways are forgiving, and if you’re able to stay out of the water hazard, you can put together a good round. They also have a very nice practice facility, where you can work on all aspects of your game. Due to the current pandemic, the range wasn’t opened when we went. However, once restrictions are lifted, get there early and work on your game before your tee time. We’re excited to play this course again when it’s dry, but worth the drive!

Signature Holes:

#10 Par 4, 334yds, Handicap 12 – This is your classic risk/reward tee shot. It is a short par 4 with a sharp dogleg right. You can take dead aim at the pin with a driver that plays around 300yds, but it’s all carry over water that runs along the right. If you come up short, or miss right, you will likely find the hazard. The smart play is to aim to the bunkers on the left with a mid iron, which will leave you with roughly 100yds and a good chance at birdie.
#16 Par 4, 364yds, Handicap 14 – This is another short par 4 with water along the entire right side of the fairway. The fairway slopes left to right toward the water, so play it up the left side and your ball should find the middle of the fairway. There is a large oak tree down the left that is a good target, and you will have another wedge in your hand for the approach over water. The green is on the other side of the water hazard, so the take enough club with long being a fine miss. Another good chance for birdie or par with a good tee shot.   
#17 Par 3, 163yds, Handicap 8 – This is a challenging par 3, with water surrounding the green on 3 sides. You can get away with a shot long, but there isn’t a lot of room for error on this hole. A par is a good score here, and move on to the short par 5 to close out the round.
#18 Par 5, 470yds. Handicap 18 – This is a short par 5 that is reachable in 2, but danger awaits you with water on the approach to the green. The tee shot is straightforward, with a few bunkers to avoid, but still forgiving. If you’re going for green in 2, make sure to take enough club, or stay left, as fairway running up to the green will funnel the ball toward the water. If you play it as a 3 shot hole, it is a fairly easy hole and will give the best look at birdie to end the round.