Springfield Golf Club in Fort Mill, SC

639 Hambley House Lane
Fort Mill, SC 29715
(17 miles, 20 minutes from Charlotte)

Date: Saturday, May 23rd, 2020
Time: 3:00pm
Price: $42

Springfield Golf Course Tee Boxes in Fort Mill, SC

Course Overview

Springfield Golf Club is one of our favorite courses to play in the area for a few reasons – it’s a short drive from the city, features a pretty challenging layout, and is always in great condition. While most courses have remained open throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Springfield was one of the few that closed its doors for a while. They reopened at the beginning of the month however, and we were excited to get back out there and see what kind of shape the course is currently in.

As is the case with all courses we’ve visited, Springfield is doing everything it can to keep the golfers and their staff safe while still providing for an excellent experience amidst the pandemic.  They give you the option to ride alone if you’d feel more comfortable, and they even provide you with a complimentary water bottle since there is currently no water available on the course.

Because Springfield had closed operations for a few weeks, we had high expectations for the course’s conditions – and we weren’t let down. They clearly spent their time well as the course is in mid-season shape, even after all the rain of recent.  It was cart path only, but the course was drier than most of the courses we’ve played in the last few weeks.  As we’ve found to be the norm at Springfield, the fairways were mostly firm and the greens rolled true. The tee boxes were in excellent condition as well – among some of the nicest we have seen in the area in 2020. In its entirety, the course has greened up nicely.

The layout is certain to test your skill as there are several unique holes on the course. With elevation changes and doglegs throughout, you will undoubtedly find yourself with a few blind shots during your round. These challenges make up for the lack of water hazards throughout the course, which means the difficulty is still there without quite as much risk of losing your ball 😉.

Signature Holes:

#2 Par 4, 363yd, Handicap: 9 – A challenging par 4, this hole features a downhill tee shot onto a fairway sloping right. It’s lined with trees on each side, and a small hazard towards the front of the green makes it essential to hit the right club off the tee. The green has two tiers and is elevated, making the approach shot a difficult one. We advise to club up on the approach to ensure you have enough club to get it up to the green. Be satisfied walking away with a par on this one.

#5 Par 4, 395yd, Handicap: 3 – This par 4 is one of the toughest on the course, starting with an intimidating tee shot. The layout of the hole features a dogleg right, but a miss to the right will leave you either in a creek or in the tree line. The left side of the fairway also has trees, though they shouldn’t come too much into play. If you can put your tee shot in the middle of the fairway, the ball will funnel right. The closer to the right side of the fairway you end up, the shorter of a look you will have on your approach. The green is elevated and is guarded by a hazard in the front, making the approach shot a difficult one. A par on this hole is a great score, but it can also be an early round killer if you find yourself in trouble.

#12 Par 5, 548yds, Handicap: 2 – A long par 5 with a large hazard up towards the green, the tee box is elevated overlooking an open fairway. The second shot will look open as well, but it could also roll down into a hazard if you choose not to lay up. We recommend driving up to get a view of what’s ahead before hitting your second shot if you’ve never played here before. Laying up about 100-130yds will keep you short of the hazard and set you up for a good approach.