#9 River Oaks Golf Club

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Course Overview

It’s crazy how many golf courses there are within an hour from Charlotte that do not get the attention they deserve.  River Oaks is a hidden gem and has become one of the go to golf courses to play, especially on the weekends.  No surprise that they made it on our Top 10 of the Public Golf Courses Ranked in Charlotte, NC Everybody should check it out if you haven’t already done so.

A weekend morning tee time in the middle of the prime golf season is only $55.  A few years ago that may seem like a lot, but for the Charlotte area right now, you can’t find much cheaper.  Especially at the level of play – that’s why we would consider River Oaks to be one of the better value golf courses in the area.

The pace of play is also something worth noting.  We finished in just about 4 hours on a Saturday morning.  You really can’t beat that.

I think a lot of people tend to shy away from driving a little further to play golf – but that’s one of the main reasons we started Charlotte Golfers.

As you drive a little further from Charlotte, the golf courses are going to be cheaper & most likely get less play so it’s easier to maintain the conditions year round.

If you look at total time, it’ll probably end up being the same as a golf course in Charlotte.  The extra driving time is made back from the better pace of play.

As you approach the course, you’ll definitely start to get excited for the round.  The practice green is right below the clubhouse, and the driving range, which is severely elevated overlooking some of the golf course.

This golf course has a lot of holes that will require a smart club selection off the tee.  There’s a few par 4s that long hitters can give it a shot at green, especially #1 that plays just around 300yds and slightly downhill.  It’s fairly open so take a whack at it, especially if you’re playing a breakfast ball.

Water comes into play on a few holes, but the elevation changes is what makes this golf course challenging. The golf course seems like you should be able to score low, but there’s a lot of trouble that comes into play.  It can be difficult to navigate the golf course the first few times you play, so get out there and after a few rounds, you should be able to score pretty well.

The more we play golf in Statesville, we’re noticing they have some really great golf courses.  Between River Oaks, Larkin, and Statesville Country Club – we’ve been very impressed!

Signature Holes

Check out their website for a hole-by-hole tour with commentary on how they recommend to play each hole.  The link to the course tour is at the top of this page.  See below for the signature holes on this golf course.

#3 Par 4, 393yds, Handicap: 16 – This is a tricky hole with room on the right to miss.  If you go too long or left, you’ll most likely be dead.  You’ll want to consider playing less than driver off the tee with an approach to a slightly elevated green so club up!  Par is a good score here.

#8 Par 4, 405yds, Handicap: 2 – This is one of the most difficult tee shots you’ll have.  The fairway is guarded by a creek on the right and you’ll have to draw it down the fairway.  It plays pretty narrow as the tee box favors the right side.  Your approach shot will be over the creek that runs through the fairway.

#9 Par 4, 355yds, Handicap: 6 – A tough hole before making the turn with a blind tee shot.  We thought it was going right (18th green is down on the right), but the green is up on the left side with an elevated green.  Make sure to club up as you do not want to end up short which is all hazard.

#15 Par 4, 412yds, Handicap: 1 – With a wide fairway, you should be able to find the fairway, but the second shot is over a wide creek that’s protected by bunkers.  Play it to the center of the green with enough club and be happy walking away with a par.

#16 Par 4, 332yds, Handicap: 18 – A downhill par 4 that long hitters could consider going for green.  A long iron or wood is the smarter play as it doglegs right with trouble on the left side.  If you play it smart, it makes for an easy hole.

#18 Par 5, 534yds, Handicap: 9 – A par 5 to close out the round and one last chance for birdie.  If you cut the corner or draw it around, you should be able to go for the green in two but its guarded by a creek that runs through the fairway.  A fun, but challenging finishing hole!