Eagle Chase Golf Club in Marshville, NC

3215 Brantley Rd
Marshville, NC 28103
(36 miles, 40 minutes from Charlotte)

Date: Sunday, April 5th, 2020
Time: 3:00pm
Price: $32

Course Overview

Eagle Chase is a course that has been recommended to us for quite some time, and for whatever reason we never made the trip out there. After playing the round, we can definitely say we regret not playing here sooner.  It’s only about a 40-minute drive, which isn’t any further from some of our other favorite courses in the area.  When we got there, the GPS said we arrived but there was no golf course in site.  There aren’t any signs or anything so just keep on driving another half a mile and you’ll arrive.  It seems like even Google Maps wants to keep this gem a secret!

There isn’t much to the clubhouse, just a small building with the essentials.  They have a driving range (currently closed) and putting green to warm up before your round.

We were looking forward to the round and figured the course was going to be nice. However, it greatly exceeded all expectations. The layout of this track is awesome and a very fun course to play.  There’s drastic elevation changes, especially on the par 3’s on the front 9, which are breathtaking. It gives you a mountain course view just 45 minutes outside of Charlotte. Water comes into play on 7 of the holes and requires accuracy off the tee.  The greens were immaculate and some of the best we have seen, especially for the beginning of April. They were moving a little slow so you can attack the pin, but smooth nonetheless.  Bunkers and fairways were perfect for this time of the year.

A random golfer playing passed by us and stopped to ask us how the round was going (not knowing who we were) and gave us some tips on how to play some holes.  After talking to him for a few minutes, it turns out he’s the Head Pro of Eagle Chase, Matt Zvanut.  That just goes to show what kind of facility this place is.  One that really cares about the golfer experience and just another reason why this place is special.

Eagle Chase is very reasonably priced.  We paid $32 at 3pm on a weekend. Even on Saturday and Sunday mornings, it’s only $49.  This is the best value we’ve found for the level of play.  We think it competes with Verdict Ridge for our #1 golf course in the Charlotte, NC area.  If you haven’t been out there yet, I would check it out the next time you play.  If you play there once, you’ll be back again.

Signature Holes:

Honestly, a majority of these holes could be a signature hole at most courses, but here are a few of our personal favorites.

#2 Par 4, 387yds, Handicap: 2 – People warned us about this hole, and rightfully so.  It’s a beautiful hole, but one of the more intimidating tee shots you’ll have. The tee box is elevated and looking out to a very narrow landing area.  Water on the left, marsh short, and if you miss right, you’ll find yourself OB in a creek that runs parallel to the hole.  Look at the picture below to see what you’re up against.  You may want to take a long iron or wood off the tee. The approach shot isn’t much easier and could be a big blowup hole.  We’d be happy walking away with a par or bogey.

#15 Par 4, 389yds, Handicap: 1 – This hole is a straight uphill par 4.  On your tee shot, you want to aim all the way to the right side of the fairway or even the rough, which will funnel down all the way to the left side of the fairway.  On your approach shot, you want to add 15-18yds to your club choice.  Don’t take our word for it, but this was the advice from Head Pro Matt Zvanut. One of us fell short on our approach shot, and it left an impossible shot to try and save par. It took a FIR, and resulted in a blow up, that hurt the round in the final stretch of holes.

#6 Par 3, 151yds, Handicap: 8 – All the par 3s are beautiful, but look at this one, which is severely downhill with no room to miss on the right.  Play this to the middle of the green and be happy walking away with a par.