Chester Golf Club in Chester, SC

770 Old Richburg Rd Chester, SC 29706 (40 miles, 40 minutes from Charlotte) Date: Saturday, May 16th, 2020 Time: 2:30pm Price: $39

Course Overview

Chester Golf Club is just minutes off I-77, making it a relatively short trip down from Charlotte. Chester Golf Club is owned by Leroy Springs, who also owns Fort Mill, Springfield, and Lancaster Golf Club. We play Springfield all the time, and was expecting a similar course, but they couldn’t be more different. Chester Golf Club is a very traditional golf course with a straightforward layout and flat terrain. This is a very walkable course, with holes close to one another and not a lot of elevation changes. Most of the holes are very basic without a lot of obstacles, doglegs, blind shots, or hazards. The back 9 has some water holes, with water coming into play on about half the holes. The course isn’t that long or hard and can result in some good scores. It is a great course for beginner golfers, walkers, and those who like traditional golf courses. The course wasn’t in the best shape for this time of year. This was our first time playing Chester, but we have heard the conditions are usually excellent, with the greens being fast and true. However, the greens were aerated a couple weeks ago, and they were still not in the best shape. They were slow and bumpy, and tough to hole putts. All the Leroy Springs courses closed during COVID-19 and we expected it to be in good shape when they reopened. We played Springfield last week, and those greens were in good shape. It appears like Chester has gotten a lot of play since the course has reopened. It was very busy, and it took us about 5 hours to finish the round on a Saturday afternoon. We will give Chester another try in a couple months to see how the course plays when the greens are in better condition. We hear they are usually very good, but at this point, they were a little disappointing. Most of the greens in the area are in great shape right now, and there are some better options for the price, location, condition, and pace of play. Check out the Course Video for more views of the course layout:

Signature Hole:

#12 Par 5, 533yds, Handicap 1 – This par 5 is a 3 short hole that requires 2 shots over water. The tee shot is fairly straightforward, with having to layup before the water hazard, which might require less than driver. The hole is a dogleg left, so the 2nd shot is just a layup to get past the dogleg and give yourself a good look in for your approach. The green is surrounded by water on 3 sides with bunker protecting it on the other side. Not a lot of room for error on the approach, but attack the pin and give yourself a look at biride.