“No matter how good you get, you can always get better — and that’s the exciting part.”

– Tiger Woods
With Mecklenburg County allowing driving ranges to open up again amongst recent precautions put in place due to COVID-19, we took a close look at all the driving ranges in Charlotte, NC and compared our top two. Below is a side by side comparison of our favorite ranges in the area: Leatherman Golf Learning Center and Dr. Charles L. Sifford Golf Course.
Leatherman Golf Learning Center Dr. Charles L. Sifford Golf Course
Location *Advantage Sifford Down South Tryon, 15 minutes from Uptown South End Charlotte, 10 minutes from Uptown
Driving Range       *Advantage Leatherman This is more of the traditional driving range that would come to mind.  Two levels of mats, some which are covered, and a grass area.  Leatherman has technology that automatically dispenses the balls on different size tees, which is very cool! Sifford is a great driving range for a golf course.  A nice view of uptown and good conditions.  My only complaint is you get the balls at the clubhouse and have to hike the length of a football field to get to the range with your clubs and balls.
Practice Facility    *Advantage Sifford Leatherman has everything you need.  Bunker practice, chipping area, and a practice green, and even a mini golf course.  No complaints here. Massive practice facility with a huge green, area to chip, bunkers, and situated between the clubhouse and the driving range.  It was in phenomenal shape.
Additional features   *Advantage Leatherman Golf Lessons Club Repair Golf Equipment (used and new) Club Fitting Golf Lessons Ability to play 9  

Overall Winner: Leatherman Golf Learning Center

This was actually closer than we thought it would be.  Leatherman just has more offerings and can be suitable for all golfers, specifically for the beginner and families.  You can expect heavy traffic getting there during the week so make sure to plan accordingly.  Being covered with lights, you can use these facilities all year round. If you are just looking to work on the short game, we think Sifford would be the way to go.