20 Best Golf Courses Around Charlotte, NC

Ranked by Charlotte Golfers

Charlotte Golfers Top Ranked Golf Courses

Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding area is home to a tremendous amount of immaculate golf courses. As avid golfers, we are always itching to play the nicest courses in and around the Queen City. The Charlotte golf community has so much to offer, so to help you sort it out, we have compiled our Top 20 ranked golf courses across the greater Charlotte area. These rankings will be continuously updated as we continue to play more courses in the area. If you’ve played a course that you think should be on here, please let us know and we will make sure to get out there soon.

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#1 Verdict Ridge Golf & Country Club

Course Website | Course Review |  Denver, NC

Verdict Ridge is a MUST play in the Charlotte area and is once again our #1 Ranked Golf Course in Charlotte, NC.  This has also been the number one choice of our following as it won our Charlotte Golfers People’s Choice Award for the Best Golf Course in the Charlotte Area.

You’ll want to arrive early for your tee time and spend some time at the practice facility.  They have a nice driving range and chipping area, but you may want to spend the majority of your time on the putting green.  Verdict Ridge has the quickest greens in the area, and downhill putts will be nearly impossible to stop before the hole.

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This course has a very tough design with uneven fairways and extremely sloped greens, but it’s always in remarkable shape and is a great track to play.  Go here to get a country club feel.  As of 2022, Verdict Ridge is now only available to the public Monday-Thursday, and operate as a private golf course Friday-Sunday.   One exception to that is you can play on Friday’s if you show them your Charlotte Golfers Passport.  They are one of the few family-owned clubs around and are clearly doing something right!

A round here could be on the higher end for courses in the Charlotte area, but their twilight rate is hard to beat.  Depending on the season, you can play any day of the week for $39 (after 2-3pm).

When you play here once, it won’t be long until you get back out.  It helps once you know the course’s layout, and you’ll instantly fall in love.

Signature Golf Holes

#9 Par 4, 321yds, Handicap: 9 – Hit your 200-210yd club and aim toward the cart path on the left.  You’ll find yourself in the middle of the fairway about 100yds out.  Depending where the flag is, you can fly a wedge toward the massive ridge on the green and watch the ball trickle down.  Good look at birdie here.  If you have wind in the back, long hitters can elect for driver and hope for the best.

#18 Par 5, 515yds, Handicap: 4 – A very challenging finishing golf hole, this long par 5 requires an accurate tee shot.  Aim for the bunker on the left and you should funnel to the right of it.  A miss to the right is trouble.  Either way, play it as a 3 shot hole and be happy walking away with par to end the round.  I’ve only seen someone on in 2 a handful of times, so kudos to you if you’re one of them.

#2 Eagle Chase Golf Club

Course Website | Course Review | Marshville, NC

Eagle Chase is one of the best kept secrets in all of Charlotte, but that will not be the case for long.  If you haven’t played here before, this should be your next stop.  The clubhouse area is fairly basic, but has everything necessary, including a driving range, practice green, and chipping area.

This golf course is always in fantastic shape, and they have been putting a lot of money into making it even better.  They just redid all the bunkers, and are about to start to work on the cart paths. For those of you that played here before, the cart paths are probably the only thing on the course that needs improving.

This course has an unbelievable layout, with elevation changes on almost every hole.

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Every hole is picturesque, especially the par 3s.  There are water hazards on nearly half the holes, so you’ll want to make sure you are accurate off the tee.  Driver isn’t always needed here, so club selection is key.  The greens are always pure, but make sure you miss on the low side because the downhill putts could be tough to stop.

We have yet to find a golf course that is a better value for the quality of play.  Book your tee time – you will not regret it.

Signature Golf Holes

Nearly every hole could be a signature hole, but we’ve outlined a few of the most memorable.

 #2 Par 4, 387yds, Handicap: 2 – This is probably the most intimidating tee shot in Charlotte, as the left side is surrounded by water with a creek on the right and a marsh that you must carry. The landing area is narrow so driver may not be the play. This could be an early dagger on your round, so play it smart and try to avoid an early blowup.

#15 Par 4, 389yds, Handicap: 1 – The fairways funnels all the way left, so aim to the right side. The entire hole is straight uphill so add 1-2 clubs on your approach shot. You do not want to miss short as it makes for a tough up and down if you do.  Get up on the putting surface and two putt for your par.

#6 Par 3, 151yds, Handicap: 8 – This par 3 is a challenging one, as anything on the right side will most likely be in the water hazard. Aim for the middle of the green, or fade it in from the left side to be safe.

#3 Rocky River Golf Club

Rocky River is a staple when it comes to golf courses in Charlotte, NC,  mainly due to its prime location and pristine conditions.  Home of the UNC Charlotte 49ers Golf Team, you know it must be good.  Located right next to the NASCAR racetrack, you may hear some noise during the round, but it makes for a cool experience.  This golf course is more of a traditional golf course, but the conditions are always top notch.

The front 9 has one par 5 and one par 3, making it a par 72.  The par 5 on the front 9 is the best chance at birdie and can set the pace for the rest of the round.  The golf course is always in great shape, and the greens are always perfect.

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You can put together a pretty good score as the course isn’t too challenging, but it’s one of those courses that you can never quite play enough.  Being so close to Charlotte, this is the perfect golf course to play afternoons during the week.

Signature Golf Holes

#3 Par 5, 509yds, Handicap: 5 – Featuring a massive boulder in the middle of the fairway, this is their most well-known hole, and one that you’ll be looking forward to every time you play. Long hitters can go over the rock, but others will want to play it towards the left side. With a good tee shot, you should have a good look at birdie, but it depends on where the flag is.  This is one of our favorite holes in the area.
#12 Par 5, 534yds, Handicap: 2 – This is a long par 5 featuring a tough tee shot as it forces you right. Anything right of the fairway will most likely find its way OB.  If you play it as a 3 shot hole, you should be able to give yourself a decent birdie attempt as the green is straightforward.
#18 Par 5, 501yds, Handicap: 4 – This hole plays harder for the longer hitters as the fairway gets narrower. If you go for the green in 2, it will be a blind shot and not always worth the risk. Depending on how your round is going, you’ll have to decide if you want to go for it or not, but it should be a good opportunity for par if you play it on the safer side.

#4 Rock Barn Golf & Spa

Rock Barn has two 18-hole courses. Located in Conover, NC, it’s about an hour drive north of Charlotte towards the mountains.  The Jones Course is private, but the Jackson Course is open to the public and makes for one of the most scenic rounds in the area.  Everything about this course will give you a country club feel, including the driving range and practice facility.

The undulating fairways and drastic elevation changes make club selection challenging, but it’s key to putting together a decent round.  Get here early and hit the range, otherwise you’ll need that breakfast ball on one of the most intimidating but breathtaking opening holes.

The Tom Jackson Course received the Golf Digest “Best Places to Play” recognition, with a rating of 4.5 out 5 stars.

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Signature Golf Holes

#1 Par 5, 518yds, Handicap: 1– This is one of the best opening holes in the greater Charlotte area, with a scenic tee shot to clear hazards in order to find the fairway. The hole is uphill featuring a dogleg left.  With a good tee shot, you can kick start the round with a birdie.

#6 Par 3, 173yds, Handicap: 5 – This is a beautiful par 3 that is severely downhill with water on the right and not much room to miss in any direction. It can be hard to find the right club due to the elevation changes, so aim to the middle of the green to avoid the hazards.

#10 Par 5, 491yds, Handicap: 6 – Just like the front, the back 9 starts with a great par 5 with water running down the left side. You can cut the corner and make this into a short hole, but you will have an approach shot over water either way.

#5 Edgewater Golf Club

Course Website | Course Review | Lancaster, SC

Edgewater Golf Club is one of the newer courses to the Charlotte area, but do not let the hour drive keep you from checking it out.  The course was built 11 years ago, but they are still trying to fill up the homes in the community.

The course has a nice driving range and practice facility to warm up before your round.

The layout of this track is awesome as every hole is unique.  You’ll find elevation changes, doglegs, and/or water hazards on nearly every hole.  It’ll be a nice, quiet and scenic round as there are not any houses on the course.

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This is one of the best golf courses in the Charlotte area, and the drive will be 100% worth it.  When you drive a little further off the beaten path, you end up getting great golf with a better pace of play at an exceptional value.  Management understands they are a bit further away and the rates are priced very competitively to attract golfers to make the drive.

Signature Golf Holes

 #3 Par 4, 386yds, Handicap: 12 – This is a beautiful hole with an elevated tee box looking down at a mostly open fairway. You’ll have a difficult approach shot with water on the backside of the green, and bunkers or marsh surrounding the other sides.
#7 Par 4, 374yds, Handicap: 8 – A drivable par 4! It’s probably not the play though as there is a lot of trouble on the left side if you try to go over the trees. We learned the hard way.  Lay it up in the middle of the fairway and you’ll give yourself a good angle going in with a good scoring opportunity.
#17 Par 5, 429yds, Handicap: 15 – One of the shortest par 5s that you’ll find, but it is straight uphill. With a good tee shot, it makes for a great birdie opportunity or even an eagle going into 18.

#6 Red Bridge Golf Club

Located in Locust NC, about 40 minutes outside the city, Red Bridge ranks high amongst the best golf courses in the Charlotte area. We recommend the drive for the quality of golf at an affordable price. Red Bridge always delivers with great playing conditions and a fun layout. This par 72 course consists of three par 5s and three par 3s.

The course can be challenging for all golfers but offers some great scoring opportunities. Holes 3-6 provide some good opportunities with three Par 5’s and a short Par 3, which will give some birdie opportunities.

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Don’t plan on birdieing the 18th hole for a personal best however; it’s a long par 5 that’s one of the most challenging finishing holes in the area. Take the drive and you won’t regret it.

P.S. Red Bridge hosts a very cool annual Par 3 Tournament on the morning of the Super Bowl. They convert every hole into a par 3 and have a quick tournament with enough time to get back for any super bowl festivities.

Red Bridge Golf Club is very reasonably priced for the level of play. You can also save some money if you book online and prepay, where they offer nice discounts to do so. They also have a nice twilight rate if you are looking to get out after work or later in the day.

Signature Golf Holes

#9 Par 3, 147yds, Handicap: 13 – This beautiful par 3 over water, with the “red bridge” to the left, will likely be a high iron or a wedge for most. There really isn’t any great miss here with bunkers and water hazard around the green. This is a 2-tiered green, so make sure to hit the correct tier or it can be a very tough 2 putt. Our personal favorite and easiest pin placement is the front right, which is down in the bottom tier. You can attack the pin and there is a backstop in all directions that will funnel the ball back toward the hole. This is your best shot at birdie on this hole. If the pin is in the back right or left, a par will be a good score. Play to the center of the green and take your par. If you miss deep, you will have an impossible up and down where you will be chipping downhill to a sloping downhill green. To make things harder, this hole is very exposed and usually very windy.

#17 Par 4, 304yds, Handicap: 8 – This is a great hole that will give one last chance at a birdie before a tough closing hole. Hit an iron down the middle to lay up to your favorite wedge distance, and leave yourself with a good second shot opportunity over water to a small green with little room to miss. If you look at the distance to the green, it might be tempting to try to go for the green. Your GPS will likely say 220-250yds, but just hit a high iron to the center of the fairway with a difficult approach awaiting. The approach shot will likely be under 100yds, which can be an awkward distance. The green is also very narrow surrounded by water short and a drop off to a hazard if you hit it long. Take the right club and get it on the putting surface. Play it smart and this gives a good scoring opportunity.

#18 Par 5, 639yds, Handicap: 2 (Toughest Hole) – This is a brutal closing hole where par is a good score. It requires 2 excellent shots to have a good approach to the green in regulation. We have yet to see anyone reach in two, and we don’t recommend going for it. The green is elevated with hazards before, leaving no room to miss. The green is sloped from back to front, so try and leave an uphill putt. This hole has potential to hurt your round, so try to limit the damage and then head to the 19th hole for an after round beer.

#7 Carolina Lakes Golf Club

Course Website | Course Review | Indian Land, SC

Carolina Lakes is located in a retirement community in growing city of Indian Land, a quick drive from Charlotte.  The course has houses located on most of the holes and is always in remarkable shape.

You’ll quickly realize what this course is known for – its abundance of bunkers.  Good luck trying to stay out of them as they are everywhere on the course.  There are quite a bit of elevation changes throughout the course as well.

The greens are quicker than they look, especially on downhill putts, so stay below the hole when you can.  There are a couple of par 4s that long hitters could reach, and also some par 5s where creeks could come into play in the middle of the fairways.

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Carolina Lakes is good for any golfer, as they have six sets of tees, including a par 55 that plays well for the beginner golfer.  They used to have GPS in their carts, but those have been removed as they were not giving accurate reads.

This is one of our favorite golf courses in South Carolina. It’s always an enjoyable round as it’s scoreable, but it will test all aspects of your golf game.  This course always seems to stay busy and tee times fill up quickly, so make sure to plan in advance.  You can get some decent rates during the week and at twilight, but it can be a bit pricey due to how busy they always are.


Signature Golf Holes

#9 Par 4, 418yds, Handicap: 11– You can attack this hole and drive it passed the tree line, setting yourself up for a nice approach going in. But you can also easily find one of the dozen bunkers on this hole if you’re not careful. The biggest decision you’ll have to make is which bunker you want to try and fly.  It’s a beautiful hole.

#16 Par 3, 194yds, Handicap: 12– This par 3 has more bunkers than any other hole we can think of. There’s water on the left, and bunkers running throughout the short and right sides of the green.  The wind can make this hole tricky, so you may want to play to the center of the green to avoid any trouble.

#8 Warrior Golf Club

Course Website | Course Review | China Grove, NC

Warrior Golf Club is a course that’s not well known by a lot of golfers in the Charlotte area, but we urge you to add it to your list of courses to visit.  They’ve made several renovations in the past few years, especially with their new Bermuda grass greens which are some of the best in the Charlotte area.  They removed 3,000 trees on the course which has helped with airflow and maximizing sunlight.  With the renovations, they do not have to aerify the greens during peak seasons, allowing them to stay in pristine shape year-round.

They have a driving range, chipping area, and large putting green to get used to the new greens at Warrior.

The layout of this course is awesome.  It’s not that long of a course, but it requires precision.  

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Water comes into play on a majority of the holes, and you won’t find a flat hole on the course.  Many of your shots will be blind ones, but the GPS on the carts will help navigating the course for first timers.

The rates are what you can expect for a golf course of this caliber, and it’s well worth the money spent.  Check out Warrior Golf Club when you get a chance; it’ll test your abilities and you can expect great conditions.

Signature Golf Holes

#7 Par 4, 407yds, Handicap: 1 – This tee shot is pretty intimidating as the landing area is extremely narrow. There are 3 ponds that come into play and you’ll most likely want to lay up with a long iron. You’ll have a lengthy approach shot that is straight uphill, so club up and be happy with a par.

#9 River Oaks Golf Club

Course Website | Course Review | Statesville, NC

River Oaks is a hidden gem in Statesville, NC. As you pull up to the parking lot, you’ll notice one of the most scenic, downhill driving ranges around. You can play here weekend mornings for only $41, making this one of the best values in the greater Charlotte area.

The course has a fantastic layout and always seem to keep the conditions in great shape. Club selection is key as the course features several dog legs, blind shots, and elevation changes. It’s definitely not an easy course, but you can put together a good round if you hit your shots. Long hitters can go for green on some short par 4s, but it isn’t always the play with creeks running through the fairways and surrounding the greens.

River Oaks is a MUST play for all our avid golfers out there.

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It’s not the easiest course to navigate the first time around, so you’ll have to make another trip once you’re familiar with the course!


Signature Golf Holes

You can find a full hole by hole tour on their website which we would highly recommend for first timers. It gives commentary on how they’d recommend playing each hole. Check it out here: Course Tour

#8 Par 4, 405yds, Handicap: 2 – A very intimidating tee shot that is narrow, has a creek across the right side, and trees on the left.  If you have a draw in your bag, that’s your shot.  If not, you will have to hug the tree line.  You’re approach shot will be over another creek, but the elevated tee shot if what makes this hole so difficult.

#9 Par 4, 355yds, Handicap: 6 – A short hole, but tricky for sure.  You have a blind shot and the hole goes left (we learned the hard way).  The green is severely elevated so make sure you take enough club as anything short of the green is dead.

#15 Par 4, 412yds, Handicap: 1 – This is the opposite of hole 8 as the tee shot is forgiving.  A wide fairway but a difficult approach shot.  The second shot will be long, and over a wide creek with bunkers surrounding the green.  A par is a really good score here.

#10 Skybrook Golf Club

Course Website | Course Review | Huntersville, NC

Skybrook closed for a few months in 2019 to perform a massive renovation of the fairways, and completely redo the greens with Bermuda grass. Since the makeover, the golf club has inserted itself as one of the best golf courses in the Charlotte area.  They have always had a fantastic layout, and now the conditions are top notch.  Their greens are pure and are some of the fastest in Charlotte.  They always roll true, but it can be hard to keep approach shots on the putting surface.

Skybrook plays like a mountain course as it has several changes in elevation, blind shots, and hazards all around the course.

You can expect to see continuous improvements to this course, and it should remain a top course for the foreseeable future.

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Signature Golf Holes

#3 Par 4, 366yds, Handicap: 7 – This is a short, but fun par 4 as you must lay up before the creek in the fairway to then hit up to an elevated green. You won’t want to miss short, so use extra club.

 #9 Par 4, 405yds, Handicap: 9 – The 9th hole finishes up toward the clubhouse and plays long as the fairway and green are elevated.

 #16 Par 3, 162yds, Handicap: 14 – A fun par 3, this hole features water along the front side. Club up because anything short of the green may roll back and find the hazard.

 #17 Par 4, 366yds, Handicap: 2 – Coming back the other way of hole #16, the water runs along the left side of the fairway, which narrows making for a tough shot off the tee.

 #18 Par 5, 532yds, Handicap: 8 – A great finishing hole that’s tough to get there in two as the approach is significantly uphill with hazard along the left side. On your tee shot, long hitters can try to cut the right corner and go over the trees, making this a fun and unique hole.

#11 Mooresville Golf Club

Course Website | Course Review | Mooresville, NC

Mooresville Golf Club is a hidden gem that not many have played. A beautiful, links style golf course nearby Lake Norman, it is a must try.  The golf course underwent a massive renovation in 2016 and has positioned itself as one of the best around.

The driving range and practice facility is state-of-the-art.  It is enormous, featuring sand bunkers, a chipping area, and a putting green to work on all aspects of your game.

With five par 5s and five par 3s, we love the layout of this course.  It makes for a fun but challenging round. The Bermuda greens are quick and always roll true.  For those who prefer to walk, this is the perfect course for you.

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The course is a good value for the level of play, especially with their twilight rates.  They have a replay rate of $25 after you fall in love with the course your first time around.  Check it out and you will not be disappointed!


Signature Golf Holes

#9 Par 4, 411yds, Handicap: 7– This is a great downhill par 4 with a dogleg right. The tee shot is fairly open, and the approach will be over a hazard making this a tricky little hole.

#10 Par 3, 185yds, Handicap: 10 – This usually plays as a longer par 3, with water running down the right side and a marsh running through the middle of the fairway. The green is surrounded by bunkers and trees on the left, so it requires accuracy with a long iron.

Check out a hole-by-hole flyover tour of the course by clicking here.

#12 Deer Brook Golf Club

Deer Brook Golf Club is a hidden gem within an hour from Charlotte. The course flies under the radar because you won’t find it on any golf booking website. You can’t even book tee times on their own website, so you’ll need to call the pro shop to get out there. The course has a great layout, is beautifully maintained, and is a great value. We think Deer Brook is a must play.

Deer Brook Golf Club has a country club feel to it, with a beautiful facility that hosts weddings, parties, and other events with a view of the golf course. The golf course has a very traditional layout, without a lot of gimmicks to it.

Tee to green, the conditions are some of the best in the area. The course will play to golfers of all abilities. The fairways are relatively open on most holes, which provides some forgiveness off the tee. The difficulty of the course comes into play around the greens, which are very quick with a lot of slopes and undulations. You’ll want to stay on the correct side of the pin, or else it can lead to a lot of putts throughout the round.

Overall, Deer Brook is a great course with superb conditions and a great layout. 

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They spread out tee times, so pace of play is very good here, and you shouldn’t expect to wait around much. This also helps the course stay in good shape throughout the year.

This golf course is a great value. No matter the date and time, you will never be paying too much to play here. With the course conditions, pace of play, and facility, Deer Brook Golf Club is well worth the drive.


Signature Golf Holes

#14 Par 3, 173yds, Handicap: 16 – This is a very scenic hole over water to a tight green with bunkers short. The par 3 can play long, so you’ll want to make sure you have enough club. Try and stay below the hole as the green slopes back to front. Par is a good score.

#17 Par 5, 511yds, Handicap: 12 – This is a great par 5 with water along the entire right side of the fairway and the green on the other side. The tee shot is forgiving, you’ll just want to get it down there in the fairway to have a good lie to layup  you’re your approach. You might be tempted to go for it in 2, but there is a no room for error, so it’s smart to play this as a 3 shot hole. The approach is the difficult shot here with water short and left, so get yourself to a good distance and attack the pin.

#18 Par 4, 395yds, Handicap: 2 – A picturesque closing hole, this is probably the hardest par 4 on the course. The fairway slopes right to left, with a water hazard up on the left that is in play on the tee shot. Driver can take that into play, so club selection is critical here. Aim to the right side of the fairway and your ball will end up in the middle to left side of the fairway. The approach is not any easier with hazard surrounding the green and a false front that will funnel into the water hazard. The green is sloped back to front, so below the hole is ideal to leave yourself a good putt. This a real tough hole, so try to limit the damage to finish your round.

#13 Springfield Golf Club

Course Website | Course Review | Fort Mill, SC

Although Springfield is in South Carolina, it is actually one of the closest courses to Charlotte. Located just 12 miles away from Charlotte in Fort Mill, SC, this golf course will challenge all levels of golfing ability. They also have a great practice facility with a large driving range and an oversized putting green.

This course is heavily wooded, very hilly, and has sloping greens, making it very tough. However, the course is always in great condition, with nice greens and a great layout. The layout is certain to test your skill as there are several unique holes on the course. With elevation changes and doglegs throughout, you will undoubtedly find yourself with a few blind shots during your round. Between the conditions and the close proximity to Charlotte, Springfield is a staple in the Charlotte area.

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Take an aerial tour of the golf course by watching this video on the Springfield Golf Club website.

Signature Golf Holes

#2 Par 4, 363yds, Handicap: 9 – This is a challenging par 4 with an elevated green. The tee shot is a downhill shot to a fairway sloping right. There are trees on both sides, but the fairway is open. There is also a small hazard up toward the green on the right, so make sure you choose the right club off the tee. The approach is difficult to an uphill, narrow, two-tiered green. Be sure to take enough club or you won’t get it up to the green. A par is a good score here.

#5 Par 4, 395yds, Handicap: 3 – This is one of the hardest par 4s on the course with a very intimidating tee shot. The hole is a dogleg right, but if you miss right it will drop off a severe slope that will leave you in either the creek or the tree line. There are also trees down the left side, but they shouldn’t come into play too much. You will want to hit your tee shot to the middle of the fairway, and the fairway should feed the ball right. The closer to the right side of the fairway you end up, the closer your approach will be. The approach shot is to an elevated green, over a hazard. The tee shot is the hardest part of this hole, but the approach is no easy task either. A par is a great score here, but this can also be an early round killer.

#12 Par 5, 548yds, Handicap: 2– This is a long par 5, with a big hazard closer to the green. The tee shot is downhill to an open fairway. If you haven’t played here before, you should drive up to see what’s ahead, because you won’t be able to see it for your second shot. It appears open, but it might roll down into the hazard if you don’t layup. You want to layup to 100-130yds, which will give you the best approach to the green.

photo of Springfield Golf Club in Fort Mill, SC

#14 Larkin Golf Club

Course Website | Course Review | Statesville, NC

Larkin is another great track in Statesville, NC and also a quick drive from the Charlotte area as its right off of I-77.  The layout of this course is very cool as it’s split out into 3 different courses based on the feel of the holes.  The first six holes will give you a parkland type feel with mild undulating land, the next six holes will make you think you’re on a mountain, and the last six holes gives off a beachy vibe.

The greens are quick with bent grass greens and the Bermuda fairways are in pristine shape.  You’ll find a lot of hazards and elevation changes on this course, which makes it a challenging round.

They also seem to be building a bunch of houses on the back 9 of this course, so we would expect the course to continue to grow in popularity and they’ll keep the course in great shape for years to come.  This is another great course at a great value.

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Signature Golf Holes

You can find a full hole by hole description with videos on their website here: Hole by Hole Description

#6 Par 5   512yds   Handicap: 3 – A tough par 5 because long hitters can reach the creek in the middle of the fairway so you may want to elect less than driver.  The green is challenging with several small breaks that are difficult to see.

#10 Par 4   385yds   Handicap: 4 – This par 4 has a very narrow fairway to land.  There’s water if you go long on your tee shot and goes all the way up to the green.  The play off the tee is a long iron or fairway wood to avoid trouble, but you’ll still find yourself an iron into this tight green.

#11 Par 5   528yds   Handicap: 2 – A brutal stretch to start the back 9 with this straight uphill par 5.  Houses along the left side and hazards on the right, the tee shot is extremely difficult.  It’s most likely a three-shot hole regardless so just do your best to find a fairway and avoid a big number.

#15 Stonebridge Golf Club

Located in Monroe, NC, Stonebridge Golf Club is about a 40-minute drive from Charlotte.  This course plays well to golfers of all abilities and gives you a solid chance of putting together a good score.  Show up early because their practice facility is top notch, where you can work on all aspects of your game. The practice facility consists of 3 acres of tee space, 12 target greens, 1 chipping and putting green with a bunker, and 4 pitching greens.

Stonebridge Golf Club is known for its quality playing conditions with its scenic views. The course is nestled in a residential community, but you won’t see many homes at all around the course.

The course has a great layout, with reachable par 5s, water hazards strategically placed around the course, and a bunch of risk/reward opportunities if you choose to play aggressive. There is a lot of water on the back 9 as it comes into play on every hole. The front is straight forward, and can get you off to a good start. 

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The course isn’t too long and doesn’t always require driver off the tee. In fact, due to some doglegs and water, driver might get you in trouble on some holes. However, if you do play aggressive, you have a chance to find yourself with close approach shots and yield some birdies or tap-in pars.

The course is always in great shape tee to green. Greens are typically quick and roll nicely, with the fairways and tee boxes in mint conditions. The course doesn’t change elevation a whole lot, which makes it easier if you choose to walk.  Tee shots are fairly open, and you can score well here if you avoid the hazards.

Signature Golf Holes

#10 Par 4, 334yds, Handicap: 12– This is a great risk/reward tee shot to start off the back 9. It is a short par 4, dogleg right, that will play around 280-300yds to the green, but all carry over water that runs down the right. If you choose the drive, you can find yourself taking a penalty and trying to save par. The smart play is to hit an iron down the middle towards the bunkers, and you’ll have a wedge with a good angle to give yourself a good look at birdie.

#16 Par 4, 364yds, Handicap: 14 – This short par 4 has a water hazard that runs along the entire hole, in between the fairway and green. You have to play smart here and it’s probably not a driver play, and any miss right will likely find the hazard. There is a large Oak tree down to the left and it makes for a good target for your tee shot. This will give you another short approach to a narrow green with water short of it. You’ll have a solid chance for birdie or par if you hit a good tee shot.

#17 Par 3, 163yds, Handicap: 8 – This is the hardest par 3 on the course, with water surrounding the green in 3 directions. The miss is long, but there isn’t a lot of room to miss. Check the wind, choose your club wisely, and try to hit the center of the green. A par is a good score here before moving onto the short par 5 to close out the round.

#18 Par 5, 470yds, Handicap: 18 – This is a short par 5 that can be reachable in 2, but most of the danger on this hole is up by the green. The tee shot is open with just a few bunkers in play, and you can look to attack the green if you hit the fairway. If you’re going for green in 2, make sure to take enough club or stay to the left. The fairway running up to the green will funnel the ball toward the water. If you play this as a 3 shot hole, it is a fairly easy hole and will give the best look at birdie to end the round.

Stonebridge Golf Club in Monroe, NC

#16 Tega Cay Golf Club

Course Website | Tega Cay, SC

Voted the best golf course in the Fort Mill, SC area for 5 straight years!

Tega Cay is the only 27-hole golf course in the Charlotte area.  The course is broken up into three 9-hole tracks – Carolina Pines, Grand View, and The Cove. Located n South Carolina, Tega Cay is one of the closest golf courses to Charlotte.  Being situated along Lake Wylie, water comes into play on several holes.

There are lots of elevation changes on the course and you will need to carry the water on several holes, making this a fun and challenging round.  They’ve recently made some renovations to the course and it’s in fantastic shape.

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Signature Golf Holes

Carolina Pines #1 Par 5, 461yds, Handicap 17 –This is a fun hole to start the round as it’s a short, downhill par 5 with a dogleg right. With a good tee shot, you can set the tone for your round.

Grand View #10 Par 4, 373yds, Handicap 2 –This par 4 is very scenic with water along the left side, bunkers along the right, and a very elevated tee box. You’ll want to hit a long iron or wood down the fairway as you have a narrow landing area.  Your approach shot will be over water that slopes down toward the hazard.  This is one of our favorite holes in the area.

Tega Cay Golf Club in Tega Cay, SC

#17 Monroe Country Club

Course Website | Monroe, NC

Monroe Country Club is a fun course to play and is best known for its greens, which are sneaky fast and can be challenging to read.  The course is pretty short, and with good tee shots you should be able to put together a good round.  Get there early and roll a couple before your round because that’ll be the main thing that prevents you from going low.

It’s one of the more walkable golf courses in the Charlotte area as it’s not too lengthy or spread out.  They have a nice driving range as well, though it is a bit far from the clubhouse.

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For the level of play, Monroe Country Club is very reasonably priced which makes it one of the better values for golf courses in the Charlotte area.  You won’t find some of the breathtaking and scenic views like some other courses in the area provide, but you’ll get a great traditional golf course that everyone loves to play.

a green at sunset at Monroe Country Club

#18 Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation

Course Website  | Charlotte, NC

Olde Sycamore has a great layout and is one of the closer courses to the Charlotte area.  It’s not too long of a course if you don’t play from the tips, but it’s fun and challenging as driver is not needed on many of the holes.  Playing driver could bring trouble into play, which is why it’s a shot makers course.  There are a bunch of scoreable holes, so you can definitely put together a low round here.

It gets a lot of play during the year so the course isn’t in the shape it once was, but it’s still a staple in the Charlotte area.  It can be a bit of a slow round, so be sure to leave yourself enough time to finish.

The only reason this golf course isn’t ranked higher is because they jacked up the rates so in terms of value, there are a lot better options.  They still get the play and have a lot of members so cant really blame them.

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Signature Golf Holes

#1 Par 5, 488yds, Handicap: 11 – This is a nice, uphill par 5 to start your round off with a good scoring opportunity. The hole is a dogleg left, but you will want to hit your tee shot up the right side of the fairway for the best angle. There is a bunker up the left side, along with a tree line if you miss left of the bunker. There isn’t much to the approach, and if you have enough distance, feel free to go for it in 2. If you choose to layup, you will have a short approach to the green.

#4 Par 3, 162yds, Handicap: 7– This is a very scenic, short par 3 with water on the left side, short of the green. The green slopes back to front, and there are bunkers that surround the green. Play it to the center of the green, with right being the miss. Distance control and club selection are important here.

#9 Par 4, 413yds, Handicap: 1 – This is easily the hardest hole on the course, and it’s a tough hole to close out the front 9. The hole is long with an elevated green and a big water hazard before it. Short of the green is a big hill that goes into the water, so you want to make sure you take enough club on your approach. The tee shot is long and narrow with bunkers and tree lines on both sides of the fairway. If you hit it down the middle, you will roll out and have a nice approach for your second shot. If you are out of position, you can find bunkers, trees, or uneven lies. We highly recommend laying up from any of these spots to save bogey or par. Going for it in two with a difficult approach can lead for a disastrous hole. The green itself slopes back to front, so it can leave a challenging putt. Tee to green, this hole provides many challenges. Par, or even bogey, is a fine score here.

Olde Sycamore Golf Plantation in Charlotte, NC

#19 Tot Hill Farm Golf Club

Course Website | Course Review | Asheboro, NC

Tot Hill Farm Golf Club is a very unique, picturesque, and untraditional golf course designed by the great Mike Strantz – designer of Tobacco Road Golf Club and other great courses.

This is an extremely quirky golf course that requires precision and creativity to get yourself around the golf course. Every hole is very unique and the course will provide a challenge for all golfers. It features a lot of blind shots, drastic elevation changes, hazards, and large rocks, making it very difficult.

Tot Hill has a great layout and is a very fun course to play. It is a shot makers course, and if you are off your game, you can be in for a long day. The course consists of five par 5s and five par 3s. There is a lot of water around the course, especially around the greens.  Many of the greens are surrounded by water and you are bound to find some trouble throughout the round.

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Although Tot Hill Farm is further away than most courses on this list, it is undoubtedly worth the drive. It is a very affordable round and a great value. If you want to try a Mike Strantz course without having to drive to Tobacco Road and pay a premium, Tot Hill is a great alternative. But we do recommend checking out Tobacco Road as well – see our review of the prestigious course here.

Signature Golf Holes

#4 Par 5, 493yds, Handicap: 10 – Although this is the shortest par 5 on the course, it is a tough hole that plays uphill all the way. The tee shot goes over the green of the Par 3 before, which is very unique. There is a creek up approximately 80yds before the green, with a false front that will roll your ball back a good 50yds. It will force you to decide whether to go for it, or to layup before the creek.

#6 Par 3, 155yds, Handicap: 14 – A scenic par 3 that is very intimidating from the tee box. There is room to the right, but anything left will be in the hazard. The green is larger than it appears from the tee box, but it still makes for a tough tee shot. Play to the center of the green and take your par on this challenging par 3.

#12 Par 4, 392yds, Handicap: 5 – Tee to green, this is a challenging par 4 with water coming into play on both shots. The hole is a dogleg left leading to a green surrounded by a large water hazard. You won’t be able to see the green on the tee shot, but play it up the right side and you’ll find yourself with a high iron carrying over water onto the green.

Tot Hill Farm Golf Club in Asheboro, NC

#20 Tillery Tradition Country Club

Mt Gilead, NC

The conclusion of our rankings of the Top 20 Golf Courses in the Charlotte Area brings us Tillery Tradition, a course that many may not have visited yet.  Further than most of the courses we mentioned, it takes a little over an hour to get there so just make sure to leave yourself enough time.

You’ll find yourself in the Uwharrie Mountains in Mt. Gilead, NC, which brings a different type of golf than what you may be used to.  The course features several elevation changes and plays like a true mountain course.  The layout is unique, and the greens have several slopes that make it challenging.

Tillery Tradition is relatively new as it was built in 2000. The tees range from 4668-6930yds, attracting golfers of all abilities.

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The greens have recovered since last year and the course is in great shape – well worth checking out if you’re up for the drive.

You can typically find a very good deal to play here, so be sure to check out their website or look on Groupon for different options.  There website is non-existent so not really sure what’s going on there, but it’s always been in good shape when we’ve been.

Tillery Tradition Country Club in Mt Gilead, NC

We hope you enjoyed our golf course rankings for public golf courses in Charlotte, NC.  Our goal is to provide everybody with the resources to have the best golf experience in the area, and these are the golf courses we think you’ll like best. If there’s any other golf course you think should be on our golf course rankings, let us know and we’d love to check it out! Did we inspire you to give a review yourself? Write one up and share it with us and you could be featured in our next post!

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