“The Harder You Practice, the Luckier You Get."

– Gary Player

1. Leave the Driver in Your Car

Being disciplined is the hardest part about golf. Figure out what you want to accomplish on the golf course. If it’s to score better, you may want to give the driver the occasional day off. Keep track of your scores, track fairways hit, and you may find yourself happy with the results. There are many apps out there to track these stats, but we like TheGrint.


You can’t expect to score well if you don’t practice at the range. If you think too much while setting up for your golf shot, you’re already doomed. Go to the range and work on those shots. Make it second nature and when you get to the course, just get up there and swing.

3. You Can Play Without a Driver, But You Can’t Play Without Irons

Let’s assume you shoot 100 with 36 putts. Even if you play driver on every non-Par 3, that’s only 14 shots, or 14%. This compares to 50% irons or hybrids. Although it’s fun to launch the ball with the driver, you’ll benefit more by focusing on your irons. If you watch PGA players warm up, majority of their time is spent with a wedge or putter (except if your Brooks Koepka who might just show up 5 minutes before his tee time) because that’s where you gain strokes. This little tip will go a long way.